Basecare and sunshine property insurance have reached a strategic cooperation, for the country’s first approved PGS kit to provide 400,000 high insurance.
18th Mar 2020 · Suzhou
On March 18, 2020 Suzhou Basecare Medical Devices Co., Ltd and Sunshine Property Insurance Co., Ltd have signed an online contract. Which will provide households to use Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy, a product with a registration certificate of class III medical devices, in China along with a commercial insurance coverage of 400,000 RMB.

On March 18, 2020, during the special period of epidemic prevention and control, Suzhou Basecare Medical Devices Co., Ltd. and Sunshine Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Discussed briefly, how to promote insurance protection in the reproductive field. Both parties have reached a strategic cooperation and held an online signing ceremony. Sunshine Property Insurance will provide 400,000 RMB of commercial insurance for families who will undergo preimplantion genetic testing for aneuploidy.

This strategic cooperation means that Sunshine Property insurance will officially deploys the field of assisted reproduction. Reproductive health is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. It is a very important part of national reproduction and national prosperity. This product of Basecare can not only help infertility couple to have their own baby, but also help them to achieve "eugenics" to a certain extent, more families will be able to benefit from the PGT-A testing in the future, and the insurance protection measures provided by Sunshine Property." As a safeguard measure, insurance policy is expected to cover all aspects of assisted reproduction in the future, and ultimately benefits more infertile families.

After 4 years of multi-center clinical trials, the product has been completed nearly 10,000 embryo sample tests. Clinical statistics show that the application of PGT-A product can increase the average pregnancy rate of IVF to 72% and reduce the abortion rate to 6.9%. At present, there are nearly 80 domestic medical institutions that can provide qualified PGT-A and IVF services. In order to help more infertile families to obtain more protection in PGT-A and IVF treatment, Basecare and Sunshine Property insurance has reached a strategic cooperation to provide 400,000 insurance for couples undergo PGT-A testing.
According to the data which has been released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the infertility rate of couples of childbearing age in China has risen from nearly 3% about 20 years ago to about 15% in recent years. The number of patients exceeds 50 million, of which more than 10 million need to take advantage of IVF technology. The approval of Basecare PGT-A product in China has freed Chinese from the long-standing dilemma that no compliant products are available in the clinical application field. In the nearly future, China’s PGT-A technology in clinical application will continue to mature, formalize and industrialize. The domestic infertility patient will no longer need to waste time and energy and time to go overseas to undergo IVF treatment. These couples can enjoy PGT-A medical services with multiple technical guarantees and medical guarantees in China.
About Basecare
Suzhou Basecare Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a high-tech leader in Suzhou industrial Park, dedicated to the research and development and clinical application of high-throughput sequencing technology in the field of reproductive health. Currently Basecare owns 1500 sq.m GMP plant, 3000 sq.m R&D center, 4,000 sq.m medical lab. Also, it operates 4 reference laboratories domestically, built associated laboratories with over 30 provinces’ reproductive centers and conducted business with over 30 provinces’ reproductive centers and conducted business with over 200 domestic medical institutions. Also, it has 1 HK lab for overseas business indluding with Italy, Canda and Southest Asia.
About Sunshine Property Insurance
Sunshine Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sunshine Property Insurance") was established on July 28, 2005. It is a national professional property insurance company under Sunshine Insurance Group Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 5.767 billion RMB. Since its establishment, Sunshine Property has set a new historical record for the annual premium scale of domestic insurance companies for many years. The company has achieved its profitability within 23 months after establishment. Currently, there are 36 second-level institutions have been operated, with over 1,800 third- and fourth-level branches, and the service network has achieved nationwide coverage.