Powerful combination丨BASECARE and DIAN DIAGNOSTICS reached a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop China’ reproductive market.
22th May 2020 · Suzhou
On May 22, 2020, Suzhou Basecare Medical Device Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Basecare ") and Dian diagnostic technology group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "dian diagnostic") held an online cooperation signing ceremony

On May 22, 2020,Suzhou Basecare Medical Device Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Basecare") and Dian diagnostic technology group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred toas "Dian diagnostics") held an online cooperation signing ceremony, and the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop the market for third-party medical testing in the field of reproduction, and provide more than 500 reproductive centers across the country with comprehensive third-party testing service packages covering 3,000 types of integrated projects, ranging from basic physiological, biochemical, immune and virusdetection to molecular genetic testing.
Basecare is a leading enterprise in the field of reproduction in the NGS market segment. The preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) kit is the first PGT-A product approved by the National Medical products Administration. According to the strategic agreement, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, help each other, and jointly promote the comprehensive application of birth cycle products in the third-party medical examination platform.

Our joint force to redefine the third-party testing service package in the field of reproduction

Bascare PGT-A kit has been shown to improve implantation and clinical pregnancy rates and reduce miscarriage rates in several mainly reproductive centers. Recently involving 517 assisted reproductive centers and 39 genetic testing labs, the single embryo transfer of euploid Embryo study, using the Basecare PGS solution showed a significant improvement in live birth rates per embryo transfer in women between the ages of 35 and 40 years. However, Dian Diagnostics has cooperated to build more than 400 customers across the country, has 39 provincial third-party medical laboratories, and provides testing and diagnostic services for more than 18,000 medical institutions across the country. In 2019, it achieved operating income of 8.453 billion yuan and comprehensive regional inspections.  Basecare has been deeply involved in the polishing of reproductive-related full-cycle testing products and services. It can provide comprehensive solutions for the clinicians and has the "high depth" advantage of clinical services in the reproductive field. 
According to the latest statistics, among the 517 assisted reproductive institutions in China, only nearly about 80 reproductive centers have comprehensive clinical testing capabilities. In this strategic cooperation, the two parties will continue to focus on physiology, biochemistry, immunity, viruses and molecular genetics in the field of reproduction. The development and expansion of testing products, and for each product, Basecare will invite top domestic experts to check the level of pre-testing, post-report review and provide complete genetic consulting services throughout the process. This strategic cooperation can not only provide reproductive-related testing projects for 517 assisted reproductive institutions across the country, but also empower all hospitals that need to build a reproductive genetic platform, provide them completely qualified  as a third-party testing service package, and help them to build a third-party" Reproductive Genetics Department" with testing capabilities, genetic counseling capabilities, and scientific research capabilities, also allowing the patients to enjoy high-quality testing services at the lowest price, and ultimately achieving a groundbreaking situation where patients, hospitals, clinicians and third-party medical testing laboratories can have win-win opportunities.

Continued efforts, on the large scale of reproductive testing market, which is expected to reach 100 billion

In 2020, the total number of assisted reproductive cycles, in more than 500 reproductive centers in China, about 1 million. The first 80 reproductive centers in the first echelon account has been reached about 500,000 cycles, and the remaining 437 reproductive centers are facing the lack of comprehensive reproductive testing. We need to rely on the powerful testing capabilities of third-party testing laboratories to better serve the patients. The strategic cooperation between Basecare and Dian Diagnostics helps to enhance the comprehensive reproductive testing service capabilities of these reproductive centers.
According to 500,000 cycles, an average of 10 embryos per cycle, a total of 5 million embryos need to be tested, each embryo Calculated at a unit price of 3,500 yuan, the market size reaches 17.5 billion yuan; for the other 437 reproductive centers, the cost of routine assisted reproduction for each cycle from physiological, biochemical, immune, viral, and molecular genetic testing is about 50,000 yuan. Ten thousand cycles, the market size reached 25 billion RMB.
At present, the market penetration rate of China's third-party medical testing laboratories is only about 5%, and the market size is about 14.8 billion yuan. Considering the basic situation of China's medical system, the structure is dominated by public hospitals and the late start of third-party medical testing laboratories in 2020, the penetration rate will reach approximately 8%. By then, the market size of China’s third-party medical laboratory will reach 32.7 billion, and the market has huge room for growth. The market size of the entire reproductive test is expected to reach 100 billion between 2020 and 2023.

Joint empowerment to enhance the genetic capabilities of medical institutions. 

At present, there are 50 million infertility patients in China, and nearly 10 million of them need assisted reproductive technology to be able to achieve childbirth. However, most of the medical institutions in China have different levels of testing methods and testing technologies. The clinical pregnancy rate is only about 40%, and the detection ability is related to the success of assisted reproduction. The strategic cooperation between Basecare and Dean Diagnostics will rely on strong platform, technology and service advantages to help medical institutions develop assisted reproduction projects and provide comprehensive services in the field of reproduction, including testing, analysis, interpretation, genetic counseling, and reproduction The construction of the department will ultimately benefit the majority of patients with high-quality products and first-class services, and help China's eugenics and education.

About Basecare

Established in 2010 in Suzhou Industrial Park, China Basecare has since pioneered many of the routine techniques used to treat fertility today. The company has operated 4 independent medical test laboratories across the country, and has established joint laboratories with reproductive centers in 31 provinces; here are some of the laboratories. Like Suzhou municipal hospital, Nanjing Maternity and child health care Hospital, these are all hospitals of Jiangsu province. CITIC-Xiangya is the reproductive & genetic hospital. Which has done more than 40,000 IVF cycles in 2018, it’s the biggest IVF center worldwide. Basecare has also conducted business cooperation with more than 200 medical institutions in China, which provided a total number of more than 500,000 clinical sample tests. In addition, the company really actively expanded its businesses to overseas and established business cooperation with some of the countries such as Canada, Australia, and including Italy. Basecare always demands itself with first-class standards and strives to help every family have healthy babies. Our team is committed to advancing the field of reproductive genetics, improving outcomes, and empowering families worldwide. The number of employees is working in our company are more than 200 who are working professionally to fulfill our mission to help build healthy families globally.

About Dian diagnostics

Established in 2001, Dian Diagnostics Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a leading third-party independent medical diagnostic service organization in China. It has established 39 independent medical laboratories in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, committed to providing customers with "medical diagnosis Integrated solution". Since its listing in 2011, Dian Diagnostics has actively promoted an integrated development strategy based on the expansion of multi-service areas on the third-party independent medical diagnostic platform and the upstream and downstream industrial chain. Its business covers independent medical laboratories, diagnostic product and service marketing, and diagnostic technology. R&D and production, judicial identification, health examination, CRO, cold chain logistics, biological sample bank and other fields.